Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gold double Eagle reaches new heights

There are some things in life that are destined to be shrouded in mystery. Often the drama of suspense makes it even more appealing. This is definitely the case with the gold double eagle coin. It was struck by the US mint and yet it was never intended to be circulated; but somehow it was. Whenever coins have been found by the government, they were melted down. Amazingly, some of the coins are still out there. Are there many? Of course not. Are they valuable? Extremely.

The search for gold double eagles is the stuff of which legends and movies are made. It has all the perfect ingredients. An event that should never have happened does and once it happens, the government, tries as it might, fails to completely seize control. And the “mistake” takes on a life of its own. Such is the case with the gold double eagle. It’s a story coin collectors love. Knowing they’ll probably never see one – and certainly can't afford one.

Although the gold double eagle is out of reach, there are all kinds of coins, gold collectors can buy, if they like. Like all forms of collecting, finding and treasuring coins is, for many, as much a hobby, as it is an investment. The fact that they appreciate over time, and are intrinsically valuable, only adds to the fun for coin collectors and gold investors alike.

The idea of savoring and securing gold is nothing new. It’s a commodity over which wars have been waged and lives turned upside down. Americans immediately think of the California Gold rush, but that represents a very provincial point of view, since the appeal of gold is, and always has been, truly global.

Treasured for centuries, gold has a mystique to it that nothing else can really duplicate. Stocks and bonds may hold value, but one can't really get the same satisfaction from holding them in their hands that they can when they feel the weight of a gold bar in their hand. Whether one chooses to purchase gold coins, gold bullion or gold bars, it's important that one does his or her due diligence and finds a safe and secure place to store it. Many of the gold dealers that sell both the bars and the coins have relationships with storage facilities that they know are well run and secure.  Many of the resources an investor needs are often mentioned on the internet at sites like nzmint or bullion international.

Once one establishes themselves and the world of gold, it's easy to add to a gold stash or expand a collection of gold coins. But exactly how does one begin to establish themselves in an industry, they know little or nothing about? It hinges, for the most part, on one key decision. The critical element is finding the right place to buy gold in the first place. How does one know what the right place is? A novice might understandably ask. Here’s the short answer.  A good gold dealer is one who has been in business for a number of years and has the knowledgeable staff that can only be found in such an instance. If the gold company or the gold dealer is both well-known and widely respected, an investor is well on his or her way to having a positive precious metals’ experience.

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